Authorized Partners

Definition of "Authorized Partner"

Authorized Partners are organizations that have been authorized by the Manufacturer to aide in the creation/ editing process of a Master Offer File or to receive offer data.

Authorized Partner Data Controls

Authorized Partners can be authorized by the following groups of data by Brand by Manufacturer:

  • Edit and Create all Master Offer File data
  • Edit and Create all Master Offer File Data with the ability to lock down the offer (Locking an offer locks down the Dataset information)
  • Edit only Campaign data - Brand, Description of offer, Circulation, Campaign and Redemption dates, and GTINs
  • View only

Note: For more information on Master Offer File data, click here!


How to become an Authorized Partner

  1. Subscribe to Authorized Partner
  2. The Coupon Bureau will approve this subscription
  3. The appropriate manufacturer is then required to authorize an Authorized Partner from within their Manufacturer account. All Authorized Partners will appear in a list to choose from.
  4. Once authorized, a manufacturer will need to set up your authorization level by brand according to the data controls previously listed.

Authorized Partner limitations

Authorized Partners cannot currently set up brands, authorized distribution providers, or assist brands in setting up coupon funder ID.

Other Authorized Partner considerations

A few other components to note: an authorized partner can utilize APIs to assist their brand partners in creating and managing MOFs or perform all functions manually from their dashboard. All authorized manufacturers will be available within a single dashboard.