Authorized (Third-party) Partners

Agencies and AI (8112) data set providers

Ready to set-up your account? Here is your checklist!

As a third-party provider, your functions are dependent upon those authorized by your Manufacturer partner. See the Authorized Partner Roles and Responsibilities for more details.

You can also review authorization access levels here.

  1. Register your account here:
  • The first person that registers will by default become the account admin but that can be changed at any time.

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  1. Log into your account and Subscribe to Authorized Partner

TCB will be notified of the subscription request and will approve the request within 24 hours

  1. User Management

Adding and deleting users:
Users by an admin through the account Enterprise settings page. Once a user is added, an admin will then need to approve them, and assign their brand access and their product access (when appropriate).

Users can be deleted by an account admin through the account Enterprise settings page.

User activity tracking:
TCB keeps an activity log of all user activity. Activity log will be accessible through account.