Retailer Clearinghouse

Clearinghouse Overview


Clearinghouse Work Flow

Retailer Clearinghouse Primary Responsibilities

In the AI (8112) Coupon Offer Process, the Retailer Clearinghouse is responsible for the following:

  1. Receiving Retailer redemption files from Retailer and sending invoices to Manufacturers or Manufacturer Agents.
  2. Auditing the registration of AI (8112) offers via the Base Validation API listed below.

APIs available to Retailer Clearinghouse

  1. AI (8112) Base Validation API – The purpose of this API is to confirm that each base data string in a redemption file is valid and to return the offers details for any necessary audit.

  2. Funder API – The purpose of this API is to return billing details for any Funder ID

Further information is available in your TCB portal under Documentation.

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