Coupon Funder Information

The Coupon Funder field is the "Identification of the manufacturer or organization responsible for funding the offer." This is for billing purposes only and not for validation

The Coupon Funder field in the AI (8112) coupon data elements is a replacement for GS1 Company Prefix. It is found in the shortened AI (8112) data string: 8112019878987444444

In AI (8110) coupons, the coupon funder is identified by the GS1 Company Prefix (GCP) and family code combination. In AI (8112) coupons, the coupon funder is identified by the Coupon Funder ID that can be either a GCP or GTIN. The Coupon Funder ID is positioned in the element that included GCP in the AI (8110) data string.

GCP will always be used except in scenarios where multiple parties are utilizing the same GCP or the coupon funder has licensed a single GTIN as opposed to an entire GCP.

If multiple parties have products within a single GCP, then the party that has the GCP registered to their organization has the right to use the GCP as their Coupon Funder ID.

Other considerations for the Coupon Funder ID element include:

  • The Coupon Funder ID element is 1:1 mapping, the GCP shall not be parsed from the GTIN
  • Shall not be used to apply validation logic for promoted products

In the future, various industry associations may produce best practices and industry guidelines with recommendations.